We’ll Do The Dishes Viking Event

Take advantage of this amazing offer thru Viking going on now thru March 31, 2018. Purchase any 5/7 series range* or 84″ h built-in and receive a FREE dishwasher (model #’s VDW302SS or FDW302).  Save up to $1,579 MSRP.

Purchase Qualifying Products:

Buy 5/7 Series Range: VGIC53014B, VGIC53616B, VGR5304B, VGR5366B, VGR5364G, VGR5488B, VGR5486G, VGR5606GQ, VDR5304B, VDR5366B, VDR5364G, VDR5488B, VDR5486GVDR5606GQ, VER5304B, VIR5304B, VGCC5304B, VGCC5366B, VGCC5364G, VGCC5488B, VGCC5486G, VGCC5606GQ, VDSC5304B, VDSC5366B, VDSC5364G, VDSC5488BVDSC5486G, VDSC5606GQ, VESC5304B, VISC5304B, VGR73616B, VGR73614G, VGR7488B, VGR7486G, VDR7366B, VDR7364G, VDR7488B, VDR7486G

Or 5/6 Series Cooktop:

VGSU5305B, VGSU5366B, VEC5304B, VEC5366B, VECU5304B, VECU5366B, VIC5304B, VIC5366B, VICU5304B, VICU5366B, MVIC6304B, MVIC6365B

Or 5/7 Series Rangetop:

VRT5304B, VRT5366B, VRT5364G, VRT5488B, VRT5486G, VGRT5304B, VGRT5366B, VGRT5364G, VGRT5488B, VGRT5486G, VGRT7366B, VGRT7364G, VGRT7488B, VGRT7486G

Plus 5/6/7 Series Built-In Oven:

VESO1302, VEDO1302, VESO5272, VEDO5272, VESO5302, VEDO5302, MVSOE630, MVDOE630, VSOF730, VDOF730, VDOT730, LVDOT730

Or Buy Any Built-In 5/6/7 Series Refrigeration:

VCBB5363EL/R, FDBB5363EL/R, VCSB5423, FDSB5423, VCSB5483, FDSB5483, VCRB5303L/R, FDRB5303L/R, VCRB5363L/R, FDRB5363L/R, VCFB5303L/R, FDFB5303L/R, VCFB5363L/R, FDFB5363L/R, VBI7360WL/R, FBI7360WL/R, MVBI7360WL/R, VCWB301L/R

After purchasing one of the qualified ranges or refrigerators, you get a free dishwasher. You can choose from the following options:


Contact a Plesser’s Consultant today at 1-877-957-5377 or visit our website for more information.

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