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Don’t Be Scared…It’s Just Plesser’s

The only thing you need for a fun, safe and candy-filled bag is a one-stop trip to Plesser’s Appliances.

Every year, Plesser’s happily participates in the Annual Babylon Village Chamber Halloween Parade, this year’s fell on Saturday, October 28th. On a regular Saturday morning, our employees are greeting new or experienced home-owners filling the showroom with conversations of replacing or revamping. This Saturday morning was very different, however. kids

Witches, princesses, heroes, and animals filled the showroom as our employees rushed to fulfill their needs of sweets and treats. Ten bags of delicious candy were stocked ready to be spread across into the hundreds of small hands stretching out to celebrate this very special Halloween. In their very best costumes, children’s eyes were widening, not because of a sugar rush, but in awe of live fishes swimming in a..fridge? Yes, a fridge. Refrigerator. Ice Box. Whatever you call it. We have it and we love it.

Children crowded around the fish tank, yelling for their pictures to be taken by their mom and dads. Parents’ hearts were warmed as their kids grouped together with others. What once was conversations of appliances turned into conversations of “oohs and ahhs and ‘I want this!’ ” With their children staring at their ideal fridge parents were able to look around and stare at their ideal kitchen.

We hope to see those parents again and their kids at next year’s parade and in a couple more years for their appliance’s needs.

Have A Hauntingly Happy Halloween 

Visit us at www.plessers.com


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