14 Ways to Save for Black Friday

No matter how great or horrible Black Friday 2016 was, Black Friday 2017 is going to be a better one.  Here are the BEST tips on shopping this Black Friday from your friends at Plesser’s! shopping_bags03

  1. Gain Information: Get on all your favorite stores’ sites and sign up for their e-newsletter and get on their social media and follow them.  It is here that you are going to receive the most insider information on what these stores are offering.
  2. Make A List: Remember all those times you went on vacation but forgot something as simple as your toothbrush or favorite slippers, so you made a list and you will never go without again?  Yeah.  The same game plan here.  Make a list and write down all the things you want as detailed as possible. If it’s clothing- size and color or appliances, write down the model number.
  3. downloadTECHNOLOGY: USE IT!  Download your stores’ apps on your smartphone to get alerts so you can remember how much you are saving.
  4. Draw Up A Blueprint: Map out EVERYTHING! Store location, hours open and closed, sale duration.  E V E R Y T H I N G!  Trust me, you won’t regret it.
  5. Set Your Clock: Two stores open at the same time and they are across town, which store should you go to first?  Hmmm, this is the one that always stumps you right? Should you go to the further one or the one with your number one item?  Solution- set your alarm so you can be, if not first in line but in the front of the line.
  6. Prepare for Preparation: Grab screenshots of online coupons or your envelope of cut out coupons from the newspaper.  Have them ready for when entering a store that price matches. Wear layers so you do not over-heat, snacks so you do not need to make stops at the fast food shops, and water to stay hydrated.  Also, bring an empty envelope to store receipts
  7. DON’T WAIT: Just because it’s called Black Friday, does not mean you have to wait until then to go shopping.  Take advantage of pre-Black Friday sales as they may be the best deals. depositphotos_13916554-stock-illustration-cartoon-sale-shopper
  8. Use Technology: Instead of waking up the family for a 2am outing in the cold, use your smartphones, tablet or computer to participate in the midnight sales.
  9. Don’t Stress: We all know Black Friday is when we go shopping for our Christmas presents but that does not mean you have to stress about getting everyone’s present.  Just make sure you get the best deals as there are future sales.
  10. Be Thankful for Mondays: Cyber Monday!  Yes, Cyber Monday.  A day dedicated to sitting on your phone, tablet, or computer to shop some of those Black Friday Deals. Did you know about Green Monday though?  Another day dedicated to shopping, but this day is the LAST day to shop to get your gifts in time for Christmas.
  11. Bargain on your Budget: Do not be afraid to bring in ads from other stores to have them price match.  Do not be afraid to walk out if they are not giving you the best deal.  Some stores rather price match then see a buying customer leave.
  12. READ!  READ!  READ!  Make sure you are double checking your receipts with return policies as policies do change under Black Friday Sales.
  13. Don’t Forget: All those coupons from the newspaper, online, your emails, and those memberships you signed up for back in March that you said you were going to wait for Black Friday to use.
  14. No Shame: Hey, we’ve all been there.  Those impulse purchases get all of us.  That’s why you must read those receipts.  Make sure you ask at the register and then read the fine print, so you can return those unnecessary items.                            download

Happy Shopping!  Don’t Forget to check out our Black Friday Deals going on NOW!

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