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Plesser’s Private Sale 2017

We are always happy to show our appreciation to our customers.  That is why we held another one of our private sales.

During Veterans Day Weekend, we had our doors open to our exclusive customers who received our personalized invitations.  Mass groups of families and familiar faces graced us with their presence on the chilly weekend to participate in our celebration.

Once a guest arrived, they were able to get out of the cold and be greeted by a warm welcome from our salesmen or one of our marketing ladies.  The attention from our guests was then immediately directed to our prize wheel and giveaway table.


Our table was filled with pens, pencils, card holders, stickers, coffee cups, koozies, and hats for any customer to win.  The sight of excitement on our guests’ face when they won one of these amazing prizes was a beautiful view.  We are so happy to have had so many winners.  Two big prizes that we were giving away were a Sonos speaker and an LG 32″ TV. One couple came in for all new appliances and left with a great packaged deal and a Sonos speaker to celebrate.  While the other couple came in for a new dishwasher and left with a new television.

Stocked with all these goodies we also wanted to make sure that our guests were stuffed with some delicious food.  Chef Val joined us for all three days and cooked away on our induction cook-top!  For the weekend, she created some delicious Thanksgiving

21-themed finger foods.  This included Thanksgiving tacos, potato croquettes, breaded string beans, sweet potatoes with walnuts and so much more.  With the smell of Thanksgiving filling the showroom guests began sharing their holiday traditions.  Discussing favorite meals, funny stories and future plans over Val’s cooking and the uplifting music created for a very enjoyable weekend.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Private Sale.  If you missed out on this one do not worry. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to keep up with all our upcoming events.

We want to know what your plans are for the holidays! Leave a post on our Facebook page about your traditions, favorite meals or any interesting facts that you know about.

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