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Countdown to 100 Years Starts Now!


Happy New Year everyone!

We hate to rush it, but with exactly one year to go, Plesser’s will be celebrating our 100th year in business in 2019.  Founded in 1919 by Sam Plesser, we are one of America’s oldest appliance stores and we’re still going strong.  As our 100th-year milestone approaches, we are excited to commemorate with a special countdown.  Each month in 2018, we’ll be giving away a prize.  The contest’s giveaways will kick off in January with a chance to win a new 55-inch television.

Visit our Facebook page for more details.

Enter now by visiting: Plesser’s Countdown to 100 Years!

Stay tuned for more details as we enter 2018!  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and invite your entire Facebook friends list to like us to give them the chance to win too!

Visit Plessers.com for our countdown clock!

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