OLED Roll-Up Television

From flat screen televisions to 3D televisions to curved televisions, we now introduce a rolling television! LG is starting off 2018 by releasing their new technology development. This new television breaks a record as being the first roll-up television measured at 65 inches and in full 4k resolution!


The television’s features are very different from those televisions before it. This TV allows the user to roll up the television partially, as seen below, to see weather updates like temperature, future forecast, and current conditions and any calendar events. This feature becomes convenient for those who enjoy the bigger screen but do not have the allotted space for it within their home or business.

Want to see it roll? Watch the video here!

 Whether it be hidden in a coffee table or hidden in the ceiling this TV has become part of our future.

Once fully rolled out the television allows the user to watch TV in 4k resolution without the hassle of the black bars from cinematic movies. The full screen allows for the users to enjoy their movie throughout their whole screen. The next coolest feature about this television is because of the advanced technology built within it, the television’s crystal sound feature plays sounds directly from where it is located on the screen. For example, if there is a person speaking on the left side then the television will play the audio from the left side. Same would go if the sound was from the right center top or bottom.

There are so many more features soon to be revealed about this new television. Unfortunately, since the prototype has just been released there is no information on price or availability.

What do you think is going to be the next greatest technology development?

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