How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party

Are you the lucky host for this year’s Big Game? Getting anxious about what to cook? Don’t want to break the bank for decorations?

Read these GREAT hacks on how to throw a Super Bowl party that’ll make your guests want to come back next year.

Food and Drinks:

Nothing can go wrong with this DIY Nacho Bar OR with this beer tasting station for your guest so no one wastes a drink!

* Tie a bottle opener to the tub or the cooler so that you don’t miss one second of the game!

Make sure people label their cups so the garbage does not pile up! Writing on the cup with a black sharpie and then placing Scotch tape on top is the most inexpensive way!

*If you know that garbage will pile up, place multiple layers of garbage bags in the trash bin so you don’t waste too much time replacing the bag. Just one and done!  

Have your Jello shots be your team’s colors!

Click here for a very easy jello shot recipe

*Know of a Costco nearby? Go buy your desired liquor there as you don’t need a membership to and the prices are significantly cheaper.


Incorporate beer and football in this perfect way! football-party-drink-ideas


Scissors and White Electrical Tape


Cut tape into 4 strips

Place 1 longer piece vertically and 3 shorter pieces horizontally.

Now that your drinks are decorated- time for the foods!
diy-football-bleachers-football-partyWant a nice stand to place all your football-themed finger foods? Like that DIY Nacho Bar, Jello Shots or maybe homemade cupcakes decorated with your team logo and colors?

Head here to see the most creative way to display your football-themed finger foods!

football-birthday-party-food-ideas-490Then next to the stand you can customize your menu. You can even spice this up and place your team’s logo and even get more creative with the names of each food with a player’s name.

The options are endless!

If you want more ideas on how to throw the best Super Bowl Party ever check out our Pinterest board for more ideas! Quick recipes, inexpensive decorations, and fun activities to get the kids involved!

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