14 Date Ideas for February 14th

Here at Plesser’s Appliances, we love making all our customers happy by assuring them of an easy and smooth buying experience; we also love, love! 

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and we want to give you some great date night ideas, from staying in to going out, traditional to new age, affordable to splurging. Pick one or as many ideas as you like and enjoy this loving holiday with your partner. 

 Red: Staying In

Pink: Staying In/Going Out

Purple: Going Out


DIY Night

Have an ugly wallpaper somewhere in the house that has been bothering you since you first moved in but never had time to redo it? Or maybe a piece of furniture that has not been built yet? Well, why not couple up and spend the night together working on the 203k-loans-story-1-570x225project. Maybe tear off the wallpaper and repaint the walls or rearrange a whole room. It may not sound like the most relaxing night but working on a project to completion with your partner can build up communication in any relationship. 

Trivia Night:

Similar to the Newlywed Game, both you and your partner write down questions about yourselves. A couple of examples are: what’s my middle name, favorite vacation, one thing on my bucket list. Every time someone gets a question right they get a point. The one with the most points wins! The prize will be determined by you and your partner before the game starts. For longer relationships, vary the difficulty of questions from things you know they know, to things they will have no clue about. For newer relationships, do the same but instead of your partner just guessing, make the questions multiple choice.

The reason why this one is in pink is that a game is not a real game without some great competition. Go to a family or friend’s house with a bunch of other couples and play this with them. Same rules apply but instead of deciding between just the two of you, have everyone write down a prize on a piece of paper and put it in a hat and only the winning couple can pull from the hat.

Take a Tour:

Related image

This is surely self-explanatory but if you do not have tours available in your city, book a tour in another city like New York City, Boston, Las Vegas, Napa etc. There are also boat tours available in certain cities.  


Indoor Movie night

movie dat enight

What You Need:

  • A movie 
  • Snacks
  • Blankets
  • Pillows, Pillows and MORE Pillows
  • Fairy lights or candles
  • Speaker
  • Projector (optional)  

*If the weather is nice, try setting up outside for more fun. 

Stress Relieving Spa Night:

A quick Google search should lead you to the nearest spas. Read the business’ reviews and set an appointment ASAP. Spas fill up very fast around Valentine’s Day. There are more spas that can be found at hotels, some are only open for guests and/or members though.

Can’t go to the spa – bring the spa to you. Stay in and create DIY masks, healthy snacks like fruits with some wine or champagne. Fill the room with your favorite scented candles or special stress relieving ones. Want to incorporate your partner? Grab some massage oils and warm them up. Take turns helping the other relieve stress with a full body massage. 

Take a [ ] Class


Taking a class with your partner will strengthen your relationship by being present and supportive when you both face this new challenge. Regardless of the class you choose, you will look for your partner for reassurance and they will do the same. One or both of you can even find out if you possess a hidden talent! Below are some recommended classes.

Cooking, Pottery, Mixology, Language, Painting, Dance


Game night: 

Get all the board games that you have lying around your house and dust them off. No board games – go to your local toy store and buy a childhood favorite or bring home a new one! Set them up in the living with some snacks and play against your partner all night. Have the night be filled with laughter and friendly competition. 

Don’t have any board games lying around AND don’t want to buy a new one for one night? Find an arcade by you, like Dave and Busters or your local bowling alley. 

Homemade Everything:

If you and your partner are feeling like Julia Child or Bobby Flay, why not have a homemade and (hopefully) delicious dinner at home? Go out together to the grocery store and pick up all the necessary ingredients for the perfect Valentine’s Dinner like these here 

Go Out and Visit a(n)…

  • Museum
  • Park
  • New Restaurant
  • Observatory
  • Show
  • Arcade

There are so many more places to go to and so much more things to do but if you are with your partner, you’ll always enjoy your time. Visit our Pinterest board for more ideas, gifts, dates and foods. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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