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Fun Facts: Where Your Kitchen Appliances Came From

When remodeling a kitchen, most people think of ways to upgrade their kitchen to have features that were not accessible to their use prior. Perhaps they think about adding smart home appliances to the kitchen. Something similar to the Thermador CIT365KB Masterpiece Series. But, have you ever thought about the appliances that did not have all the special features? The ones that had to be handmade and crafted? Read below for fun facts about appliances throughout the years!


Did you know…

That in ancient time, civilizations from Egypt, Rome, and Israel used stone and brick ovens to prepare foods, like bread. This design is not far off from the brick style oven used today to prepare delicious pizza. Interested in your own pizza oven check out Kalamazoo AFPO-C.

Having just fire and wood heat up their foods became very difficult due to the inability to control the temperature. During Colonial America, through the hard work of the women using the ovens, they were able to help modify the temperature by monitoring the ratio of wood and ash. They would check the heat by placing their hands into the now beehive-shaped brick oven and then opening the door to allow the air to decrease the temperature. Lucky for us, we have the Kitchenaid KSEG950ESSMiele HR1421E208V, or the Samsung NX58H9500WS.

Progressing into 1795, cast irons have already been around because of the efficiency of sourcing the heat to a single destination but in different locations. Instead of using the oven to cook one meal at a time, now there was the option to use the same source of fire to multiple locations to prepare multiple meals. Think of the appliances that have multiple means of cooking like the Viking VDR7488BCBLP Professional 7 SeriesMiele HR1956DFGDLP M-Touch Series, or the Dacor DOP48M96DLM Modernist.

England was recorded as being the first to use gas for cooking in 1802. However, it took over three decades to be released for commercial use. Now we have gas stoves from multiple brands that can be found here. Browse through the brand options and admire how much technology has developed.

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