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Spring Time Means Grill Time!

We believe that starting up the grill will make springtime come sooner and to do that we need to find the perfect grill! Our choice is from Weber. We loved them so much that we gave one away for our March Giveaway and here’s why.

As a family-owned business for more than 50 years, Weber has grown to be a leading exporter of outdoor grills worldwide. Weber is the premier manufacturer of charcoal and gas grills, grilling accessories and other outdoor room products. While the superior Weber cooking system remained intact, the company introduced new aesthetic designs that were completely re-imagined from the wheels up with all stainless-steel looks, stunning curves, sleek lines, and some grills in bright colors.

We cannot decide between any of these Weber Grills! Maybe you can help us out?

Untitled design (11)

The Weber 15501001 Charcoal is how you can get the same high-performance kettle grill that is synonymous with the Weber name.  This grill comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel cart, push-button ignition system, side table, charcoal bin and LCD timer. There is also a tuck-away lid holder that you can use as an extra set of hands while you focus on the main meal.

Untitled design (9)


The Weber E470 Summit will set you up for some amazing BBQ meals. Built with 3 burners, you have enough space to cook all your favorites. Also for your convenience, the grill has side tables and hooks for your grilling tools.

Untitled design (12)

This grill is big enough for you to invite everyone you know WITH a plus 1! Once those six burners of your Weber Genesis II LX S-640 gas grill ignite, you can sear a steak for everyone without a doubt that someone will go hungry. A grill like this is not about how much space you have, it’s about how much food.

Untitled design (13)


Need a touch of elegance in your backyard. Well, nothing gives off that charm other than a stainless steel grill within a stunning stone island. Weber Summit S-660 built-in gas grill will turn your backyard into your backyard paradise. Enjoy the stone decor that will take away all your guests’ breath.

These grills are amazing. Perfectly designed for outdoor kitchens and perfectly designed for great BBQ meals. Want to have the ultimate outdoor grill experience? A quick click to our website or the Weber website will show you the best accessories and even more BBQ tools can be found here.

Have some awesome recipes that you are looking forward to grilling up this season? Let us know by commenting below or just heading over to our Facebook page! Check in soon because we’ll have some amazing BBQ tips and tricks that will help you prep for this grilling season!29871683_2020839427945168_2916983535342278942_o




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