Easy Ways You Can Participate in Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 

We want to kick it off by sharing these amazing tips on how you can GO GREEN at home! 

Did you know that just by covering a pot on the stove top, you can reduce energy use by up to two thirds and heat food faster, saving you both time and effort? If you did, great! If you didn’t, now you know that you can cut your cooking time and your bill. Better find those matching tops now! 

You can also prepare two food at once in the same pot! Not only are you saving energy and time but now your saving cook-top space. Don’t know what we mean? Try this. While boiling pasta, steam fresh vegetables over the top of the pan.

Click the like button if you use paper products in your house. One-third of the landfills are filled with paper products so try using cheaper and reusable products like sponges and cloth towels. You’ll decrease your households garbage and save money. You can throw the cloth towels in with your regular laundry and disinfect the sponges by boiling them in hot water. 

If you don’t like the small fuzz that gets all over the place when you are cleaning with a cloth towel and you are tempted to use a paper towel, reach for a newspaper instead. They are great for cleaning surfaces especially glass and mirrors. They also don’t leave any residue. 

Here’s a great laundry tip. Most detergents nowadays are formulated to work better in cold water. So when selecting the temperature before starting your cycle, check the packaging. There it’ll list the best temperature for the best results. Plus, why let your clothes use up all the hot water. 

Last but not least, Earth Day is meant to protect Mother Earth and all of her beauty. BUT… That does not mean you want those pesky ants crashing in on your celebration. An easy and greener substitute for those harsh bug repellents are coffee grounds! Sprinkle just a bit on the places that are prone to be open for them to get through. We all love the smell of coffee but those little ants do not. 

These are all the tips we have for now. We know there are many ways we can GO GREEN and do our part in protecting our planet though. Help us out if you have any other ways on how we can continue to protect by letting us know in the comments below! 


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