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These BBQ Tips Will Change The Way You Grill

Sun’s Out, Buns Out!

To welcome in this spring weather, we want to share these BBQ Tips that have made our grill time, a fun time! Every tip below will give you the best and possibly an easier way to grill. Turn yourself from an average griller to a professional one!

Clean your grill without chemicals!

  • Nobody wants their meat soaking up the flavors of their grill cleaner. So put down that chemical-filled bottle and slice an onion in half, heat up the grill and scrub off the built-up grease sitting there with the onion. Use a fork in the onion to allow more space between you and the heat. Please be careful!

Keep your steak juicy and full of flavor!

  • Restrain yourself from constantly flipping your steak. We know you’re doing it to see if it is cooking evenly but it prevents a caramelized crust to form. Instead, try flipping your steak only once. Put a timer on and flip it only when the timer goes off. Also, do not press down on the meat while you are cooking it. Let it sit on the grill. Then once you take the steak off the grill. Let it rest for 5 minutes. This will trap in the flavors and the juices.

Not a meat eater? Add more flavor to your fish!Grilled-Cedar-Plank-Salmon

  • This technique has been used in the ancient times. It calls for laying your fish down on a cedar plank then placing it on top of the grill. This allows the fish to absorb a delicious smoky flavor. Any hardware store will carry a cedar plank. Before placing it on the grill though, make sure you let it soak in water overnight.  Alternative: Use a Himalayan salt block on the grill!

Sugary sauces can catch on fire!

  • YES! AND THEY CAN BURN YOUR HARD WORK! When your meat is getting closer to being fully cooked and only in the last couple of minutes, you can now take out your sugary sauce, like BBQ sauce, and brush it on. Any earlier than that the sugar, which burns easily, will catch your food on fire and will char your perfectly good steak. Sauces are meant to caramelize your food, not burn it.

Cook your meat at the perfect level, EVERY TIME!

  • If you’re having a hard time cooking your meat to the right level of rare, medium-rare, medium or well-done. Try out this great trick.  Feeling the softness, or firmness, of the ball of your palm in each of the following positions indicates how cooked your meat is.
anigif_enhanced-13609-1453674624-2 (1)
Nick Wray/ Buzzfeed

For rare steaks: Make a circle with your index finger and thumb.

For medium-rare steaks: Make a circle with your middle finger and thumb.

For medium steaks: Make a circle with your ring finger and thumb.

For well-done steaks: Make a circle with your little finger and thumb.

Lightly poke your meat when you think it’s ready to see if it matches your hand.

Prevent those fires and burns!

  • Very simple. Have a spray bottle handy so you can fight back on those fires to make sure your food does not char. Water should also be used to soak your skewers in so they do not burn too badly.

Apples aren’t just for Fall!

  • Want something extra to tenderize your meat? Place your meat into a pan or bag. Fill it up with apple juice and let it marinate. The acid from the apple juice will tenderize your meat and add in some extra flavor.


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Good luck to you all!

If you have any tips on grilling, let us know below!

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