How Popular Are Your Kitchen Choices?

Can anyone else relate to no longer being able to look at your kitchen? Do the faded cabinets make your eyes sore. Have the appliances been breaking down more and more making it more difficult to cook? Is the paint chipping? What about the permanently stained floor? Are you ready for your kitchen remodel? Here are a couple of things you should know before stripping down your original kitchen.

Homeowners’ usually decide to do a kitchen remodel because they want to change their countertops, backsplashes, sinks and even layout. Kitchens with an open layout and brighter colors such as whites, blues, and grays give off a bigger room illusion. Over 2,700 Houzz users were surveyed by Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist, to dig deeper into what are the popular decisions for these 12 things you ask yourself when doing a kitchen remodel. Amongst these users were people who own homes, are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, recently completed a kitchen remodel or are planning one soon. Continue reading to see if your opinions agree or disagree with this survey.

Budget: How Much? (Before and After)

Homeowners usually try to stay in the $25,001 to the $50,000 budget box when doing their kitchen remodel. According to the users’ responses to the survey pictured in the graph below. Only 9% of homeowners go over $100,000 while less than 4% spend less than $5,000. The other 87% are spread out from $5,001 to $100,000.

Survey 1

Reason: Why Remodel?

From survey answers dating back to 2014, here are the reasons why people renovate their kitchen. As mentioned before the most popular answer was the annoyance of the previous kitchen.

Survey 2

Features: Let Me Upgrade You

There are many focal points consumers focus on when renovating their kitchen. In this survey, 95% of people opted for upgrading their counter-tops!

Survey 3

Style: Your Way or the Highway?

There have been so many different styles of kitchens that have become popular over the years. From traditional to modern to contemporary to many more. The survey distinguished the choice of style based on the age of the homeowner. For Millenials, contemporary was the most popular style and for Baby Boomers, reverting back to their traditional style was their choice.

Survey 4

Cabinets: To Color or Not To Color?

When remodeling, some homeowners choose to add a pop of color in their kitchens. When they purchase stainless steel appliances, the cabinets are usually the pop of color. However, this has not been the case for these homeowners. The majority of them picked or will be picking white cabinets to add to their homes. This was not always the most popular choice due to the maintenance of keeping them clean. But, times have changed and white cabinets are in. They open up the space of the kitchen and give you that clean, modern feeling.

Survey 5

Organization: Are You (Built-)In or Out?

The ideal kitchen is one that only looks clean, right? Imagine having a place for everything so you no longer have to leave any appliances on the counter. No more overflowing trash in the corner. Pots are with their covers and pans are in size order. Everything is just perfect. Well, this was the case for these homeowners. Having built-in storage in the kitchen cabinets was a must have.

Survey 6

Countertops: Looks or Durability?

Almost equal to each other granite and quartz were the two most popular choices in counter-top material. The others were far behind in the popular vote. Based on the chart 72% of homeowners chose the look and feel while 53% chose durability.

Survey 7

Floors: Walk this Way

Hardwood floors are being closely followed by ceramic and porcelain tiles. These have been the most popular choices for kitchen flooring. Hardwood stays as number one but since last year, tile has gained some popularity to fit the homeowners’ desired kitchen style.

Survey 8

Lights: Baby, You Light Up My…Kitchen!

Lighting is very important in every room in the house. Picking out the lights is even more important in your kitchen though. Undeniably, having undercabinet lights is still the most popular but, same as the flooring, recessed lights are a close second. Pendant lights are on the rise as well. They are mostly used in the kitchen that has an island as an additional decor piece.

Survey 9

Appliances: Made of Steel

A whopping 72% of homeowners chose stainless steel appliances in their new kitchen. They continue to be the most popular choice due to its clean and sleek finish. White came in second at 9%.

Survey 10

Contractors: Do or DIY?

From Pinterest to Youtube, DIY projects have been on the rise. However, the majority of people still choose to hire a professional for their kitchen. Out of all the professionals that could be hired, general contractors rank as the most popular.

Survey 11

Finished: What Now?

The most surprising answers from this survey were the after-effects of the finally finished kitchen for the homeowners. The moment these homeowners are done placing the last decor items down or cleaning up the absolutely last spot, their eating habits improve. One-third of homeowners claimed that they developed healthier habits while the other two-thirds said that they eat at the same health level. It also turned out that most people do not eat out as much since they are now making five or more meals a week in their home.

Survey 12

So how popular where your kitchen choices?

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