Upgrade Your Grilling Method Before the Fourth of July

July 4th is approaching and we want you to take your grilling skills to the next level. We want to share grilling methods with you that will leave your guests’ taste buds bursting like fireworks. There are many different grilling methods because there are many different foods to grill. You can grill steaks, poultry, vegetables, and seafood. For each of these foods, there is the proper way to grill them. Follow along with the list of grilling methods and techniques that will change the way you grill. CloudBurgerGrill_Small

Direct Grilling

The most common and basic way to grill is direct grilling. This can be done on a gas grill, charcoal grill, on top of wood or any other source of heat. You simply direct your food to cook by placing it on top of the hottest part on your grill. Most foods like hamburgers, steaks, sausages and even kebobs are made this way. When the heat is ideally at it’s highest point, you will begin searing. 


This is when the ends of your meat, fish or vegetables begin to ‘burn’. By allowing the ends to ‘burn’ the flavors will seal inside of it. Use your judgment on how “burnt” you want the ends: no more than a couple of minutes. However, if you have a thicker piece of meat, you can let it sear for longer. 

Indirect Grilling

This involves cooking your food with indirect heat. You would place your food away from the direct heat and keep the lid closed for the majority of the time. Foods that you would typically roast in the oven are made this way like, whole turkeys.


A more complicated method. There has to be a special approach to this, as it can only be done outdoors. Only gas and charcoal work with this method. In order to successfully smoke your meat, you have to cook it at a low temperature in a closed chamber for a very long time. For additional flavors, some people add their favorite hardwood smoking chips, chunks, pellets and sometimes dust. The hardwood would be added into wherever the heat source is. If you succeeded then you would get a very tender, smoky flavored meal. 

Rotisserie Grilling

This is gaining popularity quick amongst professional and amateur grillers fast! This method is when you place the food, such as whole birds, roasts or ribs, in a chamber with a motorized skewer that rotates it around over indirect heat. Some grills have this feature built-in on newer models like Hestan’s GMBR30CX2x or you can search online for a do-it-yourself motor.  grill

Do you have another grilling method that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll feature it in our next blog! 




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