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How To Stay Outdoors For Your Outdoor Parties

It’s going to be a gorgeous afternoon. The sun is out, there are no clouds in sight and the temperature is perfect for an outdoor gathering. You want to invite your friends and family over to enjoy the day together.

Everyone agrees and just like that you begin prepping for your guests to arrive. You run out to pick up food and drinks. You put on your favorite summer backyard playlist and you set the table with plates and utensils. Your guests begin arriving one by one, navigating their way outdoors to soak up the sun and chat with other guests.

As you are in the kitchen, you hear booming laughter and roaring conversation. All of your guests are having fun outside but you are still stuck indoors making food. By the time everything is done and you go outside, you missed out on a barrel of jokes, reliving fun childhood memories with family and the arrangement of weekend plans with your friends. All because you were stuck inside.

Now, what if there was a way to never have to go through that again? The best way to never have this happen again is to properly design an outdoor kitchen. Here are five of the best tips that will have you part of every conversation, even while you’re cooking.

11. The Four Essentials

  • Prep
  • Cook
  • Serve
  • Clean

These are the major components of having your outdoor kitchen work just as well as your indoor kitchen. When you are planning your design make sure you can cross off all these points.

2. Spacing8e7028b61b8cb1dbc95604f2bc2ba6b9

If you do not want a big outdoor kitchen or do not have space for it, splurging on a deluxe BBQ similar to those from Lynx, Hestan, Napoleon, Fire Magic, Weber, and Kalamazoo would be the best alternative.

3. Proximity

If you tend to be a bit forgetful or want to do most prep work in your inside kitchen then it would be best to build your outdoor kitchen closer to your indoor kitchen. It will cut down your time from transporting from inside to outside, allow you to move in and out quickly and make it easier if you did forget something.

4. Bar Tops

Adding a bar outdoors to compensate for space you did not have indoors, will be a bonus entertaining piece for you and your guests. As you are making your guests food, they would be able to sit and talk while you prepare the food. So instead of rushing to go to the party, the party ends up coming to you!

5. Living Space


Since you are adding an outdoor kitchen, why not do an outdoor living room? Adding comfy couches, patio heaters and maybe even a TV near the grilling area will make it easier for you interact with guests while they lounge and you wait for the food to cook. Making it closer to grill will keep you relaxed since you’ll be nearby making sure it does not burn.


If you have any more ideas, questions or tips let us know! Visit our Houzz board or our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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