Must Know: Back to School Hacks

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like school time!  Your little ones are back to school! That is super exciting for you, especially if it is their first day. However what seems like an amazing way to get your kids out of the house might be more chaotic then you thought! Getting the school lunches together, making sure their clothes are put on right, getting them to the bus stop on time all while managing to be ready for work! Yikes. But don’t start changing your hours or googling what it takes to home-school your kid. If you added just ONE of these tips into your weekday schedule you’ll be breezing into the weekend sooner than you thought.

Don’t Go Hungry!1462527477663

Breakfast is, seriously, the most important meal of the day. It supplies your body and your little one’s body with the energy needed to get through the day, or until lunch. If you want to make sure that the first meal of the day is nutritious and yummy without using up so much time – PREP YOUR MEALS! Meal-prepping is the most wonderful thing you can do either over the weekend or even the night before.

Prep your breakfast by measuring all your favorite ingredients and placing them into sandwich bags. Once your done place them in the freezer so in the morning you can grab a bag, dump it into the blender and blend it right up! Some amazing breakfast smoothies can be found here, our Pinterest board will show you the most delicious smoothies that will have you excited to wake up!

For the kids’ breakfast, make your morning less chaotic and less messy. Instead of trying to make pancakes every morning, make one big batch. Sunday’s breakfast can also be Monday’s Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Make your big batch of pancakes and with the rest, place them into sandwich bags and store them in the fridge. When you are ready to use them, cut a corner out and pipe them into the hot pan.

Stay Updated

This was a cool hack we liked. How many times do you check your phone a day? How many times do you accidentally forget to set up a reminder? Well instead of going into your calendar to set up an alarm, write down all the info you need in the Notes App, from kid’s schedule to grocery list to any other extracurricular activity, then take a screenshot of the note. Now instead of your current lock screen – change it to the list. Now every time you go to look at your phone you get a reminder.

Plan Out Before You Go Out


Before putting the kids to bed, get them excited for another day at school by letting them pick out their outfits the night before. By having your kids be involved, they are more likely to be in a better mood the following morning. Don’t worry. We aren’t saying let your kid pick out their Halloween costume to wear to school. Pick out the majority of the outfit, like their pants and shoes but let them pick out the shirt. Another version is picking out three complete outfits and letting them pick which one. With this tip, they will be dressed before you can tell them to be.

You should also pre-pack their backpacks. This will make sure you didn’t leave anything behind in the morning and to double check to see if their homework is completed.

Give Them A Schedule 

How many times have you seen 100 things your kids have to do before leaving and they are sitting down with their toys? A lot? Well yeah, it happens. To prevent this from happening this school year, give them a schedule. Write it down on a board in a spot where they can easily see so when they are done with one task, they can move on to the next. This will make for a smooth morning so everyone is doing what they have to do.

No More Excuses

School-Hacks-04333-650x975Always make sure homework is completed by creating a “mailbox” system. This one spot can corral all the paperwork so it doesn’t end up all over your counter and gives both you and your children a dedicated spot to find exactly what you are looking for. Parents can spend a bit of time sorting through the paperwork, filing what papers you want to keep, signing any important sheets, and reviewing work completed. When homework time rolls around, you can be organized with what needs to be completed and then have your children return their folders and important papers back to their backpacks.


Do you have Back to School hacks that you will like to share? Email them to marketing@plessers.com! We wish you and your young one a great new school year!

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