January’s Top Customer Kitchen

Don’t think we haven’t remembered! We are still taking submissions for our Customer Kitchens! The transformations we have seen from all of our customers have just been amazing. We want to kick off our 2019 Customer Kitchen Album with a beautiful transformation. For over 100 years, this kitchen was previously owned by the town until Michele from Michele Delisle Design renovated the entire interior. Through two long years of renovations, Michelle was finally able to showcase her kitchen. We are so happy to announce that she chose us to be the ones to publish her work!

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Michelle created a transitional farmhouse kitchen. Clean white walls and white cabinets create the illusion of a bigger space. While the dark finished wood floors contrast against them perfectly, making it easier on the eye. Inside the cabinets are lined with lights that brighten up the room while making it easier to find the perfect plate!

stove and hood
Model Number: PRG486GDH

Enhance your kitchen with this pro-style gas range by Thermador. This unit features 6 sealed star burners. The coverage area allows for more ports and more flame distribution than a round burner. Thermador’s unique 3-in-1 Star Burner’s five-point design offers a reduced cold spot. Since the Star Burners direct heat evenly from the center of the pan to its edges for faster time to boil. It boils water over 50% faster than leading competitors. The ExtraLow feature provides the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system. It cycles on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100°. Perfect for simmering delicate sauces or keeping food warm without scorching. Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the QuickClean base. The raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop have been crafted for perfect integration and easy cleanup. A hand and sponge fit easily under each burner to wipe the surface clean and a teardrop emboss reduces food buildup near the base.

hood with lights
Hood Model Number: HPCB48NS

No need to worry about lingering odors or smoke with this powerful ventilation system, featuring elegant design accents that complement the Professional Series or Thermador’s Masterpiece Collection. This sophisticated ventilation system removes smoke, grease, heat and unhealthy airborne contaminants quietly and efficiently. You’re in control with electronic buttons for the 3-speed fan. The fan has a CFM rating of 397 (low) to 1,000 (high); sones being 2.7 – 10.4. Four halogen lights with dimming capability brilliantly highlight your scrumptious culinary confections. The Auto Function senses your cooking conditions and conveniently self-adjusts fan speeds accordingly. Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe stainless-steel filters. There’s even a “reminder” light to let you know that it’s time to run them through the dishwasher. This hood practically takes care of itself! Thermador has always been a dependable standard in the industry.

Left: T18IF900SP

A sleek and modern design make this 30-inch built-in all-refrigerator column, pictured on the left, an attractive addition to any kitchen and provides a perfect, symmetrical fit when paired with other columns. A Freedom® Hinge allows for true flush installation. The appliance is also equipped with SoftClose® Drawers for easy, gentle, controlled storage and with a ThermaFresh System consisting of humidity and temperature-controlled drawers to keep your produce fresh for longer.

A sleek and modern design make this 18-inch built-in freezer column, an attractive addition to any kitchen and provides a perfect, symmetrical fit when paired with other columns. A Freedom® Hinge allows for true flush installation. Its internal ice maker with a Diamond Ice system gives you access to diamond-shaped ice – its unique shape allows more ice to fit in a traditional glass. The appliance is also equipped with SoftClose® Drawers for easy, gentle and controlled storage.

Two hidden appliances are the Sharp microwave drawer, SMD2470AS, and the Thermador dishwasher, DWHD640JFP. Sharp’s microwave drawer oven allows you to focus on your kitchen’s design and workflow by offering flexible installation options on an island or peninsula or below your wall oven. Design your kitchen, then put the microwave where it belongs. The new Thermador Dishwasher Collection of dishwashers delivers powerful performance with absolutely unparalleled flexibility. The emerald dishwasher will compliment any Thermador kitchen.

Are you one of our trade partners that recently completed a joint project? Or do you have a kitchen or laundry renovation planned, in the works or finished and you bought your appliances from us, send in your photos to to be featured on our social media pages. Who knows, your new kitchen could inspire others!

Thank you again, Michele, for letting us showcase your kitchen design!

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