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Be The Perfect Grill Master This Summer By NOT Doing These Things!

Being the grill master at all the summer barbecues is a fun yet stressful job, so through the years you may have tried tips and tricks to make it a bit easier. We understand the need to save time, but we hope you are not making these common mistakes! These common mistakes may seem like time savers, but they are effecting the overall quality of the food! Great food takes time and it is always worth it!

Preheat Your Grill

Do not rush to throw the food on the grill! Placing a steak, burger, hot dog or anything on a cold grill will overcook the food before you can get a nice char on the outside. So, make sure just like you would for your oven, you preheat your grill for about 20 to 30 minutes before placing any food on it.

Air Vents: Are You Using Them?

If you own a charcoal grill, then you know that on them you have the top and bottom air vents. The bottom vent is used to regulate how much oxygen contacts the fire which controls the temperature. The more oxygen the more heat you will get. The top vent is designated for air to keep flowing through. If you close that vent, your fire will eventually die, which will slow down or stop your grilling process. Becoming aware of vent usage is extremely important. These vents control the temperature of your grill and the fire. Read more about the vents here.

Patience, Patience, Patience

As previously mentioned, oxygen controls the temperature of the grill. So not only can air get through the vents but by constantly opening the lid to check on the food. The heat from the fire cooks the food in all directions so when you open the lid a lot of the heat escapes. When that happens, your food can dry out or burn on the outside before being cooked on the inside.

Flip More Than Once

Yes, this is a debatable one. Some people say only to flip once but we say go flipping crazy! Flipping every minute can help cook your food evenly. The quicker the food cooks evenly, then the quicker you can eat. Flipping can cut down the cook time by two thirds! So next time your grilling, feel free to test it out and let us know if flipping or not flipping is your method and then try the alternative way to compare!

Flip, Not Poke

Referring to the above content, make sure when you are flipping your food, you are actually flipping it. Do NOT use a fork! Piercing your food will release the juices, which is where the flavor lies, and dry out your food. Make sure you have tongs and gently pick up and flip over. This will keep the juices inside and make sure you are not eating dry food.

Have some extra tips for us? Share them below! The more tips and tricks we share here, the more barbecues we will be smelling on our walk outside this summer!

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