Jenn-air Cool Door Fridge

Getting the right refrigerator for you is more important than many people realize, as there are different needs that fit each individual in their kitchen. When it comes to top quality products with designs that are rare and unique, Jenn-air has found itself on the forefront of fridge innovation with it’s designs.

With multiple different panel options, the Jenn-air JF42NXFXDE has the capability of redefining the look of your kitchen for the better. Looking for a more rustic and natural look in the kitchen? This model or the bigger Jenn-air JS48NXFXDE model could fit perfectly in the right kitchen setting.

Looking for a lighter look but still want that natural vibe in your kitchen? The Jenn-air JS48NXFXDE has multiple options for you such as this design. Lighter with a sleek design, this model fits well with natural colors as shown here with a green background that fits all too well.

Not looking for a bright/nature type look in your kitchen? No problem, the Jenn-air JF42NXFXDE has this grey design that could be perfect in the right kitchen environment. Meshing all too well with granite, this smooth design fits well in a more modern and developed kitchen setting.

Jenn-air has a variety of options, including their new alligator skin design as shown third from the left. The epitome of unique, this alligator design will make your kitchen look like nothing any of your friends have ever seen before!

Why Jenn-air?

With all of the new age designs Jenn-air is making available to customers, one may still wonder, why Jenn-air? Here are some of the premiere features that go along with the Jenn-air JS48NXFXDE that make it such a high quality refrigerator.

  • Exclusive Obsidian interior dazzles guests as food item colors “pop”, even in matching crisper drawers and the freezer.
  • This integrated built-in refrigerator fits beautifully into any decor, blending into custom cabinetry with a truly seamless appearance, reflecting your appreciation for the fine details of design. Must be installed in a 25″ deep cabinet to achieve the fully flush look.
  • Customize the exterior with wood panels to seamlessly blend with surrounding cabinetry for a fully integrated look, or pair with Euro-Style or Pro-Style(R) Stainless panel kits to match other Jenn-Air(R) suite appliances.
  • A sensor-controlled system that uses a variable-speed compressor with an independent sensor in each compartment to monitor and adjust temperatures.
  • A dedicated storage drawer with electronic control which provides precise, independent temperature control for sensitive foods.
  • Delays over-ripening* of certain fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas. *Based on commonly purchased produce.
  • Multiple LED lights increases visibility and beautifully showcases food items against the Obsidian interior, on both Elegance Shelving and inside refrigerator and freezer drawers.
  • Allow independent control of refrigerator and freezer temperatures with an integrated design that is easy-to-clean and responds to touch for easy operation.
  • Soft-Close technology lets refrigerator drawers close softly, quietly, and securely.
  • Glass shelves accented with brushed aluminum trim appear to float with an open, refined look, providing enhanced visibility while making foods and beverages easy to see and locate.
  • Ensures a continuous supply of fresh ice cubes made from filtered water, in a crescent shape that elevates beverage presentation.

These products can be found at!

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