Tuscan Stainless Steel Kitchen

Samsung is continually improving and going beyond the norms with their products and the way they develop them. With their new Tuscan Stainless Steel kitchen set, Samsung has developed a fresh looking combination of kitchen utilities.

The Samsung NE58R9431ST oven and stove top has the clean Tuscan stainless steel look while having some serious cooking power. It is has a modern and sleek, built-in look that blends seamlessly with your kitchen. A 5.8 cu. ft. extra-large oven allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. Easily accommodate a big roast, multiple casserole dishes, or several racks of cookies. With a storage rack and a fingerprint resistant design, cooking and storing is easy and clean.

The Samsung ME21R706BAT microwave is a great addition to the kitchen when taking the Tuscan stainless steel route. It’s glass touch provides precise control with a seamless, integrated design. Fingerprint resistant as well, this microwave has the underside of the over-the-range microwave features a powerful ventilation system that quickly and quietly eliminates steam, fumes and odors from the kitchen. The nearly silent system clears the air with 400 cubic feet per minute of turbo ventilation. This, along with it’s sensor cooking that automatically adjusts its cook time for optimal results.

After using your oven or microwave, the Samsung DW80R9950UT dishwasher is perfect to do the job. With it’s clean stainless steel look, it has the dominant features as well that make it a top dishwasher on the market.

Features include:

Samsung dw80r9950ut Linear Wash System

AquaBlast jets provide corner to corner coverage for superior cleaning.

Whisper Quiet Cleaning

Less noise and less disturbance with virtually silent wash cycles at 39 dBA.

AutoRelease Door

At the end of a cycle, the door automatically opens to circulate air and improve drying performance.

Flexible 3rd Rack

The flexible 3rd rack provides extra space to load silverware. Use adjustable section for oversized utensils.

Zone Booster

Zone Booster provides additional water stream to bottom left area for hard to clean pots and pans.

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Fingerprint resistant exterior helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Remotely monitor and control the dishwasher from your smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Finally, the Samsung RF24R7201DT can complete your kitchen. With a flexible storage drawer, high efficiency LED lighting and many more features, this Tuscan Stainless Steel fridge is the perfect finish to the redefined kitchen.

All of this and more can be found at!

10 thoughts on “Tuscan Stainless Steel Kitchen

  1. Do you ever have the retro refrigerators that have swing out shelves? My grandparents had one and I have been looking.


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