Cafe Touchscreen Microwave

At Plessers, we are always looking for the most ground breaking and innovative products for our customers. With the new Cafe UVH13012MSS, the GE Kitchen Hub is a new piece in the movement towards refining microwaving forever. This 27-inch touchscreen microwave could be exactly what you’re looking for to revitalize your kitchen.

The GE Kitchen Hub ( Cafe UVH13012MSS )features include:

Guided Cooking App

Step up your cooking game with the Recipe App that provides step-by-step instructions for thousands of recipes and lets you snap and store images of your favorite family recipe cards.

U+ Connect Smart Home App

Control your entire smart home from one place with a platform that lets you interact with your GE Appliances and other connected devices-from adjusting your Nest Thermostat to dimming your Philips Hue lights-and more.

Dual Camera System

Video chat, cook live with a loved one, or snap pictures of your food and share them on social media with front-facing and overhead cameras.


Stream music, shows and movies using your favorite entertainment apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Spotify, right in your kitchen.

Google Assistant

Use your voice to preheat your oven, extend tumbling on your dryer, progress to the next step in the Recipe App, check your calendar, respond to texts and more!

Not only is the Cafe UVH13012MSS overly capable when it comes to cooking, the microwave is also a full on entertainment system. With a diverse control system, you can have complete control over your cooking, while watching your favorite shows or even listening to music. How many other microwaves do you know that can double as a microwave and an entertainment system?

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