Why High-End Luxury Appliances Are Worth It

Sub-Zero, Viking, Thermador, and Monogram have been creating high-end appliances for years. These companies are constantly coming up with innovative ways for a home kitchen to be as luxurious as possible, by always updating features and designs. Here we are going to take some looks at specific items from those brands, touching upon the reasons why they are superior to other brands and models.

Sub Zero was the first appliance company to make a refrigerator that doesn’t stick out of a kitchen and since then, they have continued to master integrated refrigeration. The IT36CI is equipped with an active vacuum seal allowing food to stay fresher for longer periods of time, since air isn’t getting into the refrigerator easily. Sub-Zero products also have an air purification system that limits cross-contamination of food gasses and literally scrubs gasses off the food! One of the most popular features of Sub-Zero refrigerators is the easy cleanup of the shelves, thanks to nanotechnology! Instead of a spill leaking and dripping all over, the shelf makes the liquid thicken, therefore, causing it to not get all over the place.

When Viking created the Tuscany series, they sought out a way to meld the needs of an American cooking lifestyle, with the sophistication and style of Italy.  The TVDR3602GBX is a 36” range that comes with porcelain cast-iron gates, single point spark ignition, and burners ranging from 8,500-20,000 BTUs, providing even, constant, and dynamic heat levels. The oven has eight cooking functions for all needs (Bake, Convection Bake, Low/High/Convection Broil, Tru Convection, Defrost, and Proof). The 36” also has two cooktop configurations- 4 burners or 2 burners and a griddle. An extra bonus is the awesome colors this model comes in!

Thermador has been creating high quality appliances for many years now. Thermador Pro Grand Professional Series PRD364WLGU is equipped with many features, such as remote diagnostics and remote monitoring. Remote diagnostics notifies certified technicians if anything is going wrong and gives you ways to troubleshoot it right away. While remote monitoring allows a user to know how much time is left in their dish, when the oven has pre-heated, and much more! There is an integrated grill that provides superior indoor grilling results. And their unique star-shaped burners gives a 56% wider perimeter than a round range burner, reducing cold spots and increasing flame ports.  

Monogram’s main goal is to give the modern, every-day consumer a kitchen fit for a chef! The advanced temperature management system of the ZIS480DK provides even amounts of air throughout the refrigerator, allowing food to stay fresher for longer. There are different drawers with features, such as the climate-control drawer, which allows a user to express-chill or express-thaw their food. A deli drawer keeps meats, cheeses, and everyday foods within easy reach by having a full-extension slide. The Monogram ZIS480DK also can connect to a smartphone, providing the user with the freedom to control functions from anywhere.

These companies are continuously elevating their products by creating higher quality appliances with new features that aren’t only about the function of the product, but the consumers’ experience. Which is why these products are worth it.

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