Review: LG InstaView Door-in-Door with Craft Ice

LG’s new refrigerator has many new and innovative features that definitely make it stand out from other brands, but are these features really necessary? Do they add any value to the fridge? Read on to see!

Freezer Door on: LG LRFVS3006D

First, let’s talk about these new features. The craft ice and the LG InstaView. The LG InstaView Door-in-Door creates slow-melting round ice on demand for craft drinks at home- without all the work! Say goodbye to the ice molds that only make one or two at a time! It’s easy, efficient, and not only is it unique, but it makes any drink stay better and fresher for longer! The ice can come out through the door or through the freezer door, where it’s always dispensing.

The LG InstaView is also a pretty cool feature! Is it totally necessary? Well it depends. If you’re someone who always forgets what you have in the fridge or can never decide what to cook for dinner (like me), it’s a nice feature! You can see everything that is inside your refrigerator, without opening the door and letting the cool air out! All you have to do is knock twice on the door (*knock*knock*) and the door becomes translucent, allowing the user to see everything while keeping their food fresh!

So, yes. The features are neat and all, but what about the functionality of the fridge? This refrigerator has a ton of usable space. Usable space is very important because some fridges seem to be bigger, yet are so bulky on the inside that there isn’t room for your food! Not with the LG InstaView Door-in-Door! Which has a larger capacity than any of their other fridges and also has a slim ice system on the door, that creates much more shelf space! There are also 3 cooling technologies that work together to keep produce fresh for up to 2x longer than any of LG’s other refrigerators!

If you’re in the market for a new fridge, I would definitely recommend checking this refrigerator out. It has everything a consumer would want, and some added features that make it stand out from the pack!

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