A Refrigerator That Makes Fermentation Easier

Before refrigerators, fermentation was used to preserve food and keep it fresher for longer. Many common and everyday foods are fermented, like yogurt, kombucha, beer, cheese, wine, miso, kefir, chocolate, coffee, sauerkraut, and the list goes on!

Fermentation is the process in which bacteria converts sugar into lactic acid. It extends the edible life of product, while also developing new flavors and textures! You may be thinking, ‘Bacteria in my food?! What?!’ However, it’s good bacteria, called probiotic bacteria, that has a lot of health benefits! Like boosting immunity, improving digestion function, killing harmful yeasts, helping to fight allergies, providing minerals that build bone density, and much more. Fermentation has been gaining popularity, due to the emergence of fermented products in grocery stores, as well as cooking shows and magazines introducing it to their viewers! It’s Alive with Brad Leone is a perfect introduction to fermentation!

Now, LG has created an outstanding refrigerator, with features that help with the process of fermentation! The LG LMNS14420V is a four-door refrigerator with 14-cubic feet that is perfect for cooling specialty foods to the right temperature. This refrigerator automatically adjusts temperatures to enhance and increase the production of lactic acid bacteria (the bacteria essential to making fermented foods). The superior LG cooking system aids in flavor development by creating precise temperature zones for the food. There is also a freshness guard cover, which helps keep specialty foods crisper, fresher, and tastier for longer by reducing cold air loss and keeping moisture in. Every six minutes, air is supplied through 20 vents located throughout the fridge to keep internal temperature consistent and reduce temperature fluctuation. Along with a fresh air filter, it has storage containers called ‘kimchi cases’ that lock in freshness and help keep the aroma neutral.

The user can easily create cooling zones within the refrigerator to accomdate their ever-changing menu and foods with the temperature setting. There also is a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on the linear compressor, which uses fewer moving parts and operates much more efficiently; helping to make the LMNS14420V an energy star qualified refrigerator that exceeds energy standards!

If you regularly ferment food or want to start fermenting food because of the amazing flavors and healthy benefits, then the LG MNS14420V is a great investment! It will help aid you in the process of fermentation and, while you aren’t fermenting anything, it will help keep any other food fresher and cleaner for longer!

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