The Return of Color in Kitchens!

Everyone wants their home to feel like home, but how does one get that? We’ve found that by maximizing comfort in a house’s necessary features you can achieve that homey feeling. We see this a lot in living rooms and dens, but now people are wanting to feel more comfortable in their kitchen too! Instead of repainting walls, it’s much easier and subtle to add a pop of color somewhere. This is possible by adding a colored appliance to a kitchen.

The days of total white and greige (beige + grey) kitchens may be coming to an end because people are less concerned about selling their houses now. Most people are living in their spaces for much longer, so they’re designing their kitchens based on what they want- not what they think will sell in a couple years! The big question now is: what colors make you feel at home?

Every year, Pantone comes out with their ‘Color of the Year’ and for 2020, they decided on ‘Classic Blue.’ Blue is calming and “highlights a desire for a dependable foundation on which to build”. Blue is a color that creates connection and longevity between a home and a homeowner. New York Times Magazine discussed how bright colors like avocado green and yellow are also making a comeback!

Appliance manufacturers like Big Chill, Blue Star, Hestan, and Smeg have tons of options to choose from when it comes to color appliances! And Plessers carries them all!

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