Café Modern Glass Collection

Cafe’s new Modern Glass Collection adds a contemporary and minimalist design to their catalog. Glass is layered on top of stainless steel to give it a distinct appeal, allowing consumers to match their style and taste perfectly. The appliances reflect light in smooth ways, complementing all different color palettes.

The four-door refrigerator (Model CVE28DM5NS5) has copper trim throughout the interior and a LED backlit wall, that illuminates the food inside. There is an adjustable temperature drawer with five refrigeration settings and a humidity control system that provides the right conditions for produce. Food can be kept organized with glass dividers.

The Modern Glass collection also has ranges (CHS900M2NS5), microwaves (CVM721M2NS5), wall ovens (CSB913M2NS5), and dishwashers (CDT845M5NS5), which are all equipped with the platinum glass finish and other unique features.

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