Why YOU Should Organize Your Refrigerator NOW

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone’s refrigerator looked like this?! There are many benefits to having an organized fridge… not just the appearance! Less waste, easier to clean, and your food will stay fresher for longer!

Did you know that around 35% of food that Americans buy is wasted? A common excuse is that people forgot what they purchased! It is easy to forget what food you got last week when everything is thrown in the fridge with no thought as to where it should go. An easy way to start organizing, is separating foods by category, and putting them on different drawers and shelves. Separate them by fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, condiments, and whatever else. Put your fruit and vegetables in separate drawers. Condiments on the doors. Dairy on the left side of one shelf. Meat on the bottom right side. And so on and so forth.

Having an organized space will make everything much easier to clean. When you can see where all your food is, it will be much easier to spot any leaking containers, moldy fruit, or spills!

Every fridge has certain spots for food to go. The doors are perfect for condiments because it’s not as cool there, therefore, you probably don’t want to keep your dairy on the doors! The storage bins have certain settings for fruit, veggies, meat, so make sure to utilize those! Just putting in a couple minutes of thought, will save you lots of money!

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