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Keeping A Sanitary And Organized Home

It’s so important to make sure you keep and maintain a healthy and sanitary home so you and your loved ones can stay safe! When a house is not regularly maintained germs and parasites will multiply and grow on the surfaces, increasing the potential for those in the home to get sick.

Not only will you want to keep your home germ-free, but you will want to stay organized as well. An organized home will make your everyday easier, more efficient, and you will feel less stressed.

In order to help you stay on track, Plesser’s has conducted a few tips to keep your home clean on an everyday, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis.

In order to keep your home clean everyday, we recommend creating a daily To-Do List! To-Do Lists are a great way to hold yourself accountable, while also reminding you of tasks you may have otherwise forgotten about.
Some everyday tasks include but are not limited to:
-Making the Bed
-Emptying & Loading Up the Dishwasher
-Cleaning Your Clothes
-Taking Out the Trash

If your appliances have a Sanitize Cycle, Plesser’s recommends using this. Santization Cycles across a range of dishwashers, washer and dryers are designed to reduce 99% of bacteria found on dishes and home laundry.

The General Electric GFW490R Washer even has a stain removal guide along with the Sanitize Cycle so you can get out the most common stains with this pre-programmed setting!

The Kitchenaid KDTM704ESS Dishwasher offers a Pro Scrub Option to help remove stubborn messes like seared or baked-on foods.

In order to keep your home clean on a weekly basis, we recommend you do the following:
-Clean Appliances
-Scrub the Toilets & Clean the Bathroom
-Dust & Vacuum to Keep Your Home Dirt & Allergy-Free
-Mop Floors
-Clean Mirrors

We recommend keeping the environment extra clean during flu season, allergy season, or even just as the seasons change. During this time, you may want to clean the inside of your appliances, disinfect the garbage cans, clean all cabinetry, wash your carpets, and wash your comforters. Disinfect frequently-touched surfaces on a regular basis to keep your home germ-free! Don’t forget to buy Whirlpool 31462A Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner & Polish to make the job easier.

In order to keep your space more organized, we encourage you to downsize if you can. Clear the clutter & make sure to get rid of anything you are no longer going to use in the cabinets, fridge, freezer, and closets!

Having the right appliances will make storage easier. The Whirlpool WRFA94CIHZ French Door Refrigerator has a unique shelving system that stores 30% more with a pantry-inspired layout that helps you fit and find it all.

Appliances can make all the difference when trying to keep a home both clean and organized. Plesser’s has all your home essentials from washers and dryers, refrigeration, freezers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, & more!

Leave a comment letting us know your favorite methods that keep your house clean!

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