Are Side-By-Side Refrigerators Making A Comeback?

French door refrigerators have been on trend for years, but now, it seems like you may be in luck if you still have your side-by-side fridge! Builders have reported growing demand for the traditional side-by-side look.

There are pros and cons to any style of fridge. Whether it’s side-by-side, french door, or top freezer. When selecting which style of refrigerator to purchase, think about yourself, your family, and their needs! If you’re looking for a refrigerator for a great price, then a top freezer or side-by-side is a good choice. French doors became more popular in the past because there is plenty of storage space. But French door models can have a little bit of a higher price tag since they have been in high demand. There is a huge variety of options to choose from, with all different colors and features. Side-by-side refrigeration has been in growing demand partly because of the ease of it. With this type of fridge, it keeps the most-often-used items at eye level.

Home buyers and builders have more options than ever to meet nearly any lifestyle and style preference. Make sure to look at all possible options to find out what you seek most in a refrigerator, which will allow you to find the right fit for your needs while enhancing the look of your kitchen!

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2 thoughts on “Are Side-By-Side Refrigerators Making A Comeback?

  1. We just got rid of our older Kemore Elite French door for a Side by Side. I gained so much room. I hated the drawer freezer, I felt like half the stuff got lost at the bottom. Also, taking the bin out to attempt to clean it up when we first moved in, was impossible.


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