Review: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Two years ago, Samsung came out with it’s Family Hub Refrigerator for nearly $6,000 but got mixed reviews. Now, they are back with their third-generation model which is available in side-by-side and 14 different French-door models. The side-by-side, three-door, four-door, and the four-door flex models (which we will talk about more later) range from $4,647.10 to $2,299.00.

The Samsung Family Hub is a fully featured, great looking refrigerator with plenty of space, with 16.4 cubic feet in the fridge and 11.5 cubic feet between the 2 freezer sections (for the four-door models). The four-door flex model gets it’s name because the bottom right compartment can be switched from a freezer to a refrigerator whenever you need more space for fresh food! This refrigerator has great thermostat control and temperature uniformity. It is energy efficient, easy to use, and very quiet. The ice and water dispensers are spill proof. There are power freeze and cool functions, perfect for quickly freezing or chilling! Also, the shelves can be adjusted very easy by raising and lowering them, without even removing any food!

The 21.5-inch touchscreen is huge, but it is the perfect size when scrolling through all the applications. And there are a LOT of apps to use! Applications for shopping lists, whiteboards for notes and doodles, importing everyone’s calendars into a shared family calendar. There are apps for streaming music, podcasts, internet radios, as well as apps for recipes, weather, using the internet, a timer, displaying photos, and more! The refrigerator comes with all these applications programmed, which is nice, however you are not able to delete any or download new ones. Although there aren’t many customization features for the user when it comes to the apps, we recommend dragging apps that you don’t use to the second page.

Four-Door Flex Model Samsung RF28N9780SR

The refrigerator’s camera fed may be more of the more useful applications, with it’s drag-and-drop expiration trackers. It tracks your ingredients for you and snaps a picture of the contents in your fridge every time you close the door. This is very helpful when you are at the store, as all you need to do is download the app on your phone, and you will be able to view the inside of your fridge!

Overall, this is a beautiful and futuristic appliance that pushes our expectations of what we expect from a refrigerator. The Samsung Family Hub’s performance, features, usability, and design are all exceptional. Among other four door and high-end French door models, it is one of the most fully featured and best-looking refrigerators. If this model is too much money for you or you do not feel the need to have the touchscreen, Samsung’s baseline four-door flex models (Samsung RF28K9070) will still be a great fit for you!

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