New Product Alert!

We always like to alert our customers of NEW products and trends. If you’re part of our Facebook group, Just Ask Al, you may have recently noticed a post about a new Frigidaire Professional product expected sometime in October of 2020. We thought it was a great question and we got a lot of response from it, so we decided to share some insight with our viewers here.

If you’ve been in the market for a separate unit for your refrigerator and freezer, you may have come across the Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8RF. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that this refrigerator is discontinued. Don’t worry though, you are in luck, as a new model is expected late this fall. The Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8WF has significant improvements from its counterpart. For instance, the interior is now stainless steel, the lighting has been improved, and there is now a full-length door for a more built-in appearance. This refrigerator column is 33″ with a 18.6 cubic foot capacity. The FPRU19F8WF can be installed as a stand-alone or complemented with a freezer column, FPFU19F8WF. The refrigerator column features an internal water dispenser that provides fresh filtered water and does not compromise internal storage space.

The 33″ Freezer Column, FPFU19F8WF, has a 18.6 cubic foot capacity featuring an internal ice maker, SpaceWise organization, CrispSeal crispers, EvenTemp cooling, a door alarm, temperature alarm, and Sabbath mode.

You can place a pre-order on one of these refrigerators by calling and speaking to one of our Appliance Experts at 1-877-957-5377. Continue to follow our blog for more of the latest appliance trends!

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