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Pastel ‘Pops of Color’

A great way to make your kitchen inviting is by adding pastels to your home. Pastels go with a variety of shades, including white, gray, dusty rose pink, sand shades, and more. It’s a great way to add a ‘Pop of Color’ to a classic or minimalistic kitchen.

Pastel colors often create imagery of a dreamy and ethereal environment. Whether you want to liven up your kitchen, draw some inspiration from a nostalgic retro style, or just want to make your room unique and chic, pastels have the potential to transform the look of your home.

Staying home and preparing meals for yourself, your family, friends, or someone special is easy when you are in an environment you love!

A great way to add a ‘Pop of Color’ to a room is with accessories such as chairs, rugs, tableware, plants, cushions, and more. Homeowners may choose an ‘accent’ wall or prefer custom painted cabinets as well. Although these are some of the most common ways to transform a space, another unique option is with bold and colorful appliances.

BlueStar Cooking appliances are handcrafted for professional-grade results and offer a variety of options to make your kitchen stand out and are customized to suit each homeowner. They have over 1,000+ colors, 10 metal trims, and nearly infinite configuration possibilities. Unleashing your inner chef is easy when using a product that is made for you. BlueStar offers ranges, hoods, and refrigerators for homeowners looking for quality products with great performance.

Want to add some fun color to your room? BlueStar PAINTREFRCC allows you to choose your custom color for your Blue Star Appliances when ordering from Plesser’s.

What color is your favorite? Leave a reply letting us know!

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