ZLINE is a fantastic brand that we’ve been getting asked about a lot lately! Their products are reliable, well-made, and they back up their products with great service (if need be). The price is so reasonable because although the brand is designed and distributed in the US, they source all of their products directly from China. This cuts out the distributor, bringing the price down. Most times, we aren’t a big fan of appliances made overseas, but we really like Zline.

Zline has the look of a high-end brand, with a much more affordable price point. Zline ranges are about 55% less expensive, compared to similar products. With all that being said, you do get what you pay for. Although this product has great quality and is fully featured, it still isn’t up to par with higher-end brands like Wolf, Viking, or Thermador. However, you can buy 3 Zline ranges for the cost of 1 of the ranges mentioned above. There’s definitely something to say about that!

Their ranges are all triple-layer glass, built to increase efficiency, keep your kitchen cool, and insulate well. They also have other color options, rather than just stainless steel, which is always a plus! They have color options in white, black matte, red, blue, and more! Zline also has range hoods that not only look amazing and high-end, but provide excellent ventilation and additional kitchen lighting. Their fans are designed to be extremely powerful, yet are incredibly silent. They will also last a very long time due to them being built with certain features that prevent corrosion.

We sell a lot of Zline here at Plesser’s and have had much success with the brand. Customers and friends who own Zline ranges always tell us their food comes out amazing! Take a look at our website to discover attainable luxury with Zline appliances.

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  1. what a great experience shopping at Plessers. the sales people and managers do everything they can to make sure you are happy and you get a wonderful deal. I’ll never shop anywhere else : }

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