Have You Heard?

We have some exciting news to share! GE has announced that certain range models from their Profile and Café lines now have a software update. Can you guess what the update is?!

We’ll give you a hint…. It’s only one of the most trending cooking options right now. AIR FRY! Wait, what?! You heard us. To see if your GE Profile range is one of the models that is eligible for this upgrade, click here. For the eligible Café models, please click here. If you have one of the eligible models, simply make sure that your range is connected to WiFi via the SmartHQ app before you upgrade. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Head on over to your smart phone, download the app and set it up with your range. After this process is completed, you should get a pop-up that the range has an update. Click to update and voila! You now have one of the latest and greatest features in your oven.

What’s so great about air fry? This new feature by GE enables you to cook healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods in less time. No preheating is required and no special cookware needed. Sounds like a dream!

Now that you’ve updated your range and have this amazing new feature, let’s learn how to access and actually use it. We recommend you take a look at this article for some helpful tips. And enjoy!

Be sure to keep an eye out for any other updates as occasionally GE will release new features that can be pushed to your appliances through its WiFi connection. You’ll receive a notification that the update is available. Your style evolves, so should your cooking appliance.

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