True Residential

Handcrafted in America since 1945, True Manufacturing is recognized as the leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerators and freezers in the world. A true family operation started when Bob Trulaske and his father Frank, and later his brother, Art, developed a refrigeration company in their house in St. Louis. As many beginning companies, True started in their garage where they built the first 40 cu. ft. upright freezer on the market. Soon afterwards, they began manufacturing bottle coolers for beer and beverages in a multi-story warehouse nearby.

One of the Trulaske’s family’s first refrigerators was used to keep beverages cool in a neighborhood bar. When luckily for them, a traveling 7UP salesman stopped for a drink. He noticed the refrigerator behind the bar and began to ask questions. Upon finding out that it required no unwieldy, expensive blocks of ice, he told the bar owner that he had to know who built it for him. Later in 1948, the 7UP company purchased its first order of True Roll Top Bottle Coolers, and the True legacy was born. Over the course of the past 75 plus years, that legacy has grown and now includes the True Professional Series – commercial refrigeration refined for the home.

True refined for the home!

Inspired by the vision and commitment of the best professional chefs, Trues refrigeration gives high-end residential kitchens the modern look, real-world work space, and performance of the best professional kitchens around the world.

Some of these refined features include

  • Strict dimensions that accommodate all modern kitchens, indoor or outdoor
  • Noise-conscious engineering that balances commercial performance with residential environments
  • Style features – like our streamlined handles. TruLumina® lighting, and steel-encapsulated glass

View some of the True refrigeration options available at Plesser’s. You can select from the True 48″ side by side refrigerator TR48SBSS or the 42″ side by side TR42SBSS. Or if you are looking for column refrigeration opt for the 36″ TR36REFRS or the 30″ TR30REFLSGA.

You can also select from freezer, full size wine coolers, full size beverage centers, beer coolers and kegerators, and compact undercounter fridges. Now, what exactly are you looking for?

True and Sustainability

If you have read some of our recent blogs, then you know that sustainability is a huge topic for us. True pledges to reduce their carbon footprint to minimize the environmental impact of all their products and operations. True continues to utilize new technologies to improve their systems to be the most efficient in the industry, without sacrificing the performance that ultimately provides food safety for customers throughout the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways True is making these goals a reality.

  • Replacing rooftop air conditioners with more efficient economizer units. The units use fresh air virtually free for cooling during the fall, winter, and early spring.
  • Solar water heating
  • Reduced office lighting load by 30%
  • Recycling Program
  • Installed automated water faucets and hand dryers to regulate water usage and reduce paper towel waste
  • Switching to environmentally friendly paper products in cafeterias

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